01. My [host] mother often helps me with my homework assignments.
02. As of 2004, no South American country has ever [hosted] the Olympics.
03. The Grand Canyon plays [host] to over four million tourists every year.
04. The city [hosts] an annual beer-tasting festival which is very popular.
05. North Korea boycotted the Olympic Games when Seoul, South Korea, [hosted] the summer games in 1988.
06. I trust you will be polite while you are staying with your French [host] family.
07. Jenna is considering moving to Japan for a year because she wants to be an airline [hostess], and needs to learn another language.
08. The planet Jupiter is [host] to a family of at least 16 moons.
09. In 1984, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that a [host] may be held partly responsible for serving alcohol to persons later involved in drunk-driving incidents.
10. Mice act as an intermediate [host] for the parasite, which actually reproduces in the stomach of a cat.
11. In the opening procession of the Olympics, the team representing the [host] nation always marches last.
12. When visiting a foreign culture, in order to be polite, the best thing to do is to observe your [host] and others around you, and follow their example.
13. In Sweden, it is improper for you to toast your [host] or anyone who is your senior until after they toast you.
14. It is hoped that by [hosting] the economic summit, the city will be able to raise its profile on the international stage.
15. Boston recently [hosted] an important conference on urban transportation.
16. The airline [hostess] really helped us a lot with our children when we flew to Boston.
17. Bats are often [hosts] to rabies, which can also infect humans.
18. The ski resort of Whistler, B.C. will [host] the Olympic Winter Games of 2010.
19. My [host] mother makes the best vegetarian pizza in the world!
20. The plan has a [host] of problems that will need to be dealt with before work begins on the project.
21. An African proverb notes that a guest who breaks the dishes of his [host] is not soon forgotten.
22. A French proverb remarks that where the [hostess] is beautiful the wine is tasty.
23. An Iranian proverb observes that the earth is a [host] who kills his guests.
24. A Dutch proverb states that a merry [host] makes merry guests.
25. The city of Florence played [host] to a brilliant period of artistic innovation near the beginning of the seventeenth century.
26. Homer wrote that a guest never forgets the [host] who had treated him kindly.
27. Titus Maccius Plautus once noted that no one can be so welcome a guest that he will not annoy his [host] after three days.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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